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  • TEKSCon 2024 - July 9-11


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    TEKS Resource System is excited to present the TEKS Resource System Curriculum Conference - TEKSCon 2024, which will be held in San Antonio, Texas. This event is being planned now and is guaranteed to live up to the past TEKS Resource System Conferences. The TEKS Resource System and its parent TCMPC collaborative know you will enjoy this event.

    We look forward to sharing more information as the event gets closer. Click the links below for the most current details.

    TEKSCON 2024

  • The TCMPC TEKS Resource System Newsletter

  • New IFD Layout


    Our IFDs have a new look, new functionality, and improved accessibility updates! Very soon you will see a new IFD layout that includes a left-hand navigation menu with collapsible sections, allowing you to quickly move to a specific section of the document. In addition, you may now print each section of an IFD separately (or the entire document as before).  

    Have you wanted to add notes, links, resources etc. to each unit IFD?

    In the new layout you will notice two new sections labeled Teacher Notes & District Notes. Here, individual teacher’s information or district-wide content may be added and saved to each IFD. The notes are added to the web view of the IFD, meaning no separate versions of the document need to be created. Additionally, the TCMPC updates to the IFDs will still be preserved.

  • The Social Studies resource listing the NCSS Notable Trade Books for Young People is updated


    The National Council for the Social Studies in conjunction with the Children’s Book Council publish an annual list of social studies related books written primarily for children grades K-8. The newly republished TRS resource lists these books from 2000-2020. For the most recent members-only 2021 list, consider joining NCSS.

  • New Parent Resources Section


    A new Parent Resources section is now available and may be accessed by clicking the Parent Resources tab in the site's top navigation menu. This section includes information about who TCMPC and the TEKS Resource System are and what the purpose of the system is. The section also includes Sample Component documents that provide examples and descriptions of each type of curriculum material found in the site. 

  • Relocation of Support Resources and Activities Collection


    The Support Resources and Activities Collection has moved to a new location and may now be accessed by selecting the ESC Aligned Resources option within the Support navigation drop-down menu.

  • TEKS Resource System Language Arts Assessment Plan - Grades 2-8


    Download this PDF document to help navigate some of the changes to Lanuage Arts assessments:

    Language Arts Assessment Plan for Grades 2-8

  • Resources and Components by Content Area


    Download a PDF of the Resources by Content Area

    Download a PDF of the Components by Content Area

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